70-659 Exam Prep Part 6

Configuring Child Storage So what is dynamic VM storage? Simply put, dynamic VM storage is a new capability found in Windows Server 2008 R2 that allows for installation and removal of ISCSI storage in a virtual machine. In order for this to function, the integration services must be installed on the guest OS. Differencing disks […]

70-659 Exam Prep Part 5

In this section I will cover configuring child settings. Configuring Child Resources When it comes to configuring disks, networks, CPUs, and memory settings, these are all done within the VM settings; whether that is in Hyper-V Manager or VMM. IDE drives are required as the OS, can only boot from an IDE disk. They cannot […]

70-659 Exam Prep Part 4

Configuring Storage So, what is MPIO? MPIO is short for Multipath I/O. When installed, it is responsible for providing redundant paths to storage. Should one path to the storage array fail, MPIO will redirect traffic to the storage array through another path. As an example of its use, when you connect to a storage array, […]

70-659 Exam Prep Part 3

Configuring Virtual Networks and VLAN Security In this section we will cover Virtual Networks and VLAN Security. Hyper-V Manager allows for MAC address ranges to be set to dynamically and be assigned to VMs. This can be found in the Virtual Networks page, Global Network Settings option. Network locations are usually determined by Network Location […]

70-659 Exam Prep Part 2

In this section, I will cover remote management. Remote Management VMM Agents are installed automatically on all hosts and library servers. The agents can also be installed manually or locally through the VMM setup or with the vmmAgent.msi file. When installing in a perimeter network, you must use the vmmAgent.msi file and provide additional information. […]

70-659 Prep Part 1

In this series of blog posts, I will be trying to explain the requirements for the 70-659 exam. In mirroring the actual exam outline, I will start with Installing and Configuring Host and Parent Settings. Installing Hyper-V To start off, the required BIOS settings should be turned on to allow Hyper-V to work. The BIOS […]