70-659 Exam Prep Part 12

Manage non-Hyper-V aware virtualization hosts

If you have a VMware environment and want to manage it along with your Windows environment then VMM is the answer. VMM has the capability to manage VMware hosts. In order for VMM to manage VMware hosts, VMM must first manage vCenter. Only through vCenter can VMM see the hosts that vCenter is controlling. Adding an ESX host is done the same way as adding a Hyper-V host. vCenter and ESX have a secure mode, so additional information will be needed; the certificate from the ESX host and the public key. You can also enable full management of an ESX host. To achieve this, you will need to provide the local host credentials for each ESX host you intend to manage.

There are some instances when VMM will not be able to manage a host. For example, a host may not be able to run Hyper-V, or when dealing with Server 2003. In these cases, VMM will install Virtual Server 2005 in order to manage the host. Once the host has Virtual Server 2005 on it, VMM will also deploy an agent to it.

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