Mentoring Moments

As of this post, I am a part time student while looking to get back into the workforce. Just something to do to keep busy.

I run into a lot of 1st year IT students while I’m there. I try and start conversations with them and see how they like their program and the courses that they are taking.

Most seem to enjoy their studies and are surprised at the amount of work that is involved. For the most part, I tell them to get used to. After they graduate, they will be at least 6+ months behind any new stuff that comes out. As anyone knows, the IT field is an ever changing landscape, and in the IT field, you have to keep up.

For this reason, I tell them the following:

Even if you are 1st year students you should get your resources together.Whether it be blogs, news letters, RSS feeds, or join a local user group, you should stay up to date on what is going on in the industry and stay informed. Join a local ToastMasters club and work on your presentation skills. You never know when you will be asked to give a presentation or it might help in a job interview.

As a friend of mine at Microsoft asked me once,”What are you passionate about?”

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